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November 4, 2019

Do the more cylinders will improve the perform of motorcycle?

Motorcycle from the birth to today, more than a hundred years of history to witness the changes of motorcycles, in which the engine has also experienced earth-shaking changes. At present, the market sales of popular locomotives, from single-cylinder machine, two-cylinder machine, three-cylinder machine to six-cylinder machine, a full range of engines for different car friends to choose from. In the second-stroke engine gradually disappear today, motorcycle engine market is currently completely occupied by the four-stroke engine, the number of engine cylinders, in addition to directly affect the vehicle's power performance, but also affect the design of the vehicle appearance, today we will discuss, the number of motorcycle cylinders, the better performance

1. Engine type and mode of operation At present, we know that the most common engine is a single-cylinder engine, simple structure design, low loss, low fuel consumption and so on, in addition to single-cylinder engine, common two-cylinder engine, three-cylinder engine, four-cylinder engine, the largest number of cylinder engines from Honda Golden Wing six-cylinder engine, We are used to referring to engines with more than three cylinders as multi-cylinder engines.

Two-cylinder or more engine operation mode, there is synchronous and asynchronous way, the two work in different ways, for the performance of the engine has a certain impact.

2. Why the number of cylinders is so small The most direct reason for the number of cylinders is to increase the exhaust volume of the engine, which in general changes the internal structure of the engine, as long as the internal diameter and stroke can simply increase the exhaust volume. However, a change in the internal structure of the engine will produce corresponding problems, increase the internal diameter will directly lead to the expansion of the cylinder volume, it appears that some heavy, while increasing the stroke must increase the piston speed, so that the engine swing becomes difficult, the vibration range will increase.

In the face of this problem, the most effective solution is to increase the number of cylinders in the engine.

3. Increase the change of cylinder By increasing the number of cylinders, the pistons of the engine can be designed to be reduced and lightweight, and the corresponding travel will be shorter and swing easier.

As we all know, the engine's swing brings horsepower, higher swing brings more horsepower, while the vibration is relatively reduced and the engine runs more evenly. To sum up, the more engine cylinders the better the performance of the car, we can also find from the market car price, often the car imported by the big trade is basically a four-cylinder car, while the price of a four-cylinder motorcycle will be higher, less five or five, more hundreds of thousands of different, like BMW 1000R, like BMW 1000R, like BMW 1000R,

Kawasaki Z1000, etc. are very popular and best-selling four-cylinder motorcycle, and single-cylinder motorcycle more used in domestic motorcycles, the price is relatively cheap, basically between one or two thousand, such as spring wind 250NK, Lifan 250, Xinyuan 400 and other motorcycles. In short, the motorcycle engine as the heart of the vehicle, for the power output size plays a vital role, we buy motorcycles, in addition to the design of the car, electronic systems, etc. , but also need to consider the number of engine strains.

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